Tap List

Nitro Privateer – ESB (british pub ale) - 4.8%ABV – 40 IBU

Privateers were the original pirates, so we figured brewing an esb was a fitting homage to our spiritual predecessors. Low in alcohol and high in flavor, this is the original sessionable craft beer

Anne Shot First - Saison - 5.4%abv - 22 IBU (Tart)

Peppercorn and elderflower saison! Just like the legendary dueling pirate Anne dieu-le-veut, this refreshing saison is tart and peppery.

Across the bow – Smoked esb - 4.8%abv – 40 IBU (it's smoky)

We had a little smoked grain left over, so we added it to our Privateer.  The result is a pleasantly smoky version of our standard esb.


Blackbeard’s Ryevenge – Cascadian Dark Ale - 6%ABV – 62 IBU
Blackbeard. One of the golden age’s most feared pirates.  Legend had it that he would set his own beard smoldering in order to light the cannons.  We’ve taken rye and dark roasted malts and combined them with classic hops from the Cascadian region to create this smooth, roasty rye IPA.  Black as a pirate’s heart, but worth the adventure

Smoke Gets In YOur Ryes - Smoked ESB/BLack IPA Blend - 5.3%abv - 48 IBU

A blend of our smoked ESB and Black IPA to create a smooth, slightly smokybeer that highlights the attributes of both bases. 

victory at sea – american amber ale - 5.8% ABV – 38 IBU

red skies at night, sailor's delight! maris otter and victory malts combine to meet the tropical and berry flavors of the hops in this amber ale

Gateway– Westmont Common (Lager) – 4.3%ABV – 15 IBU
This Common style lager is brewed right here in Westmont, so that’s what we’re calling it.  Easy drinking, low abv, crisp, and refreshing.  Make this your gateway to craft beer

Dubloon - Double Blonde Ale - 6.5%ABV – 19 IBU

Ahh, dubloons.  The coveted treasure of pirates everywhere.  Golden, rich, tasty...?  Kind of got away from me there for a second.  We hope you'll covet this double blonde ale (du bloon, get it?) as much as we do!


Full Pour - $6 | taster Pour – $3 | Flight of 4 tasters- $10

*Limited Release*

Rye-Ot Grrl – Strong ale – 13% abv -25 IBU - 10
The result of a mutiny in the brewhouse by our lovely ladies, this Strong Ale clocks in at an impressive 13% abv. Dry, easy drinking, and dangerous.  We only have a single keg of this beauty, so once it’s gone it’s gone. No to go fills or flights on this one

Full Pour - $9 | taster Pour – $4

Please note: due to the ever changing nature of our business, this list may not be 100% up to date.  The best way to find out what we have on tap is to stop in

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