• We do not serve food.  You are, however, more than welcome to bring something or order in.  Westmont has dozens of excellent restaurants that are happy to deliver!

  • While we do not currently sell our own branded growlers, we are more than happy to fill any clean growler or howler that is brought in. 

  • We only serve beers that are made in house.  We do not serve wine or any type of spirit.  This is due to local liquor laws.

  • Yes, our smoked beers are smoky.  We understand that these types of beer are not for everyone, and We are happy to give you a small sample before committing.

  • As far as we are concerned, beer has no politics, gender, race, or creed.  As such, be aware that scallywag brewing company is a place of inclusion.  hate speech is not tolerated, and we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave. relax and enjoy the beer!

 Scallywag Brewing welcomes animal companions under the below   conditions:

  1. Animals and their humans must remain well-behaved.

  2. Animals must remain leashed and under the control of their humans at all times.

  3. Animals are not permitted to be on any furniture.  This includes chairs, tables, stools, and bar top.

  4. Scallywag Brewing owners and staff reserve the right to refuse service to any patron, human or animal, which we feel pose a danger to themselves or other patrons.

  • Please be aware that breweries are primarily places for humans to gather.  As such, we assume no liability related to allowing animal companions into our space.

Not seeing the answer above? Drop us a line!

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